Our design team conducts a thorough survey of the campus with client representatives
in order to document and review all current signage and existing site conditions. We will assess future plans for physical improvements and changes to the campus, evaluate all existing signage/graphics and discuss current form and function. Detailed survey data will include:

  • Documenting all existing room ID info
    • Function/name/location
    • Room Number
  • All code related info
    • Elevators
    • Stairwells-ID, top, and bottom
    • Evacuation Maps-locations of:
      • Alarm Pulls
      • Extinguishers/hoses
      • Egress routes
    • ADA and accessibility issues
    • Parking designation
  • Wayfinding/Care Sequence
    • Department Head Interviews
    • Wayfinding Survey
  • Survey and review of multiple parking/entry relationships
  • Digital photos of existing and potential exterior signage/graphic locations
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