Design+Build Benefits

INNERFACE has 50 years of experience in creating effective wayfinding and identification solutions for clients. Our turnkey experiential graphic design and wayfinding process ensures that every aspect of your wayfinding and identification system is thoroughly evaluated and planned. Our Design+Build process ensures:

  • Efficient pedestrian and vehicular traffic flow
  • Logical identification of all entrances, departments, parking areas and elevator banks
  • Proper signage size and placement
  • Development and application of concise and consistent terminology (messaging)
  • Code compliance
  • Appropriate application of brand elements


We specialize in creating wayfinding and identification solutions for large, complex campus environments.  Our solutions come in all shapes, sizes, types, and finishes, so we can create the right look for your campus. Using the latest technology, processes and materials and ranging from bright and colorful to professional and modern, our design team delivers exactly what you need.

Product Quality

When you invest in high-quality signage products upfront, you save money over the long haul. We custom design and manufacture every project in our own 100,000+ square foot manufacturing facility.  This ensures the highest quality products for our customers.

Time Savings

Our early involvement can ensure that structural and support elements (electrical, etc.) are incorporated in both new design and renovation projects. We can also greatly reduce delays through concurrent development of design concepts and wayfinding logic/messaging. What’s more, omitting multiple bid phases (design and fabrication) not only eliminates the need for the development of specific documentation, but also the longer timeline needed for bid prep, review, negotiation and reward. Finally, permitting and potential signage variance issues can be addressed early on to avoid delays common in the application and approval process.

Cost Savings

We remove all financial guesswork typically involved in wayfinding and design projects by partnering with you to establish budgets and then working with your team to manage and review costs at each step in the process. As an integrated team across design and fabrication, we not only ensure the greatest efficiencies in initial fabrication, material usage and modularity, but also greatly reduce messaging errors and client design review cycles. By designing modular solutions and best understanding the long-term needs of your installed wayfinding system, our team minimizes product life-cycle costs.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support

Your account manager provides local support and will help to manage your sign standard assuring consistency for years to come.

East Tennessee Children's Hospital Exterior Signage

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